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Eastern Journal of Dialoge and Culture

The Chair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut, launched in 2008 Eastern Journal of Dialogue and Culture (ISSN. 0974-7567). The peer reviewed Journal, indexed in foreign universities, appears as half-yearly and engages in creative discussion in Theology, Philosophy, Interreligious Studies, Religion's social responsibility, India's rich heritage of religious traditions, interreligious harmony, the cultural contextualization of theology, questions of inculturation, Christian faith in a pluralistic society, Second Vatican Council etc. The Journal is interdisciplinary in its approach. The branches of knowledge such as theology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, human anthropology create an effective platform of dialogue for this Journal. The Journal will also include the public lectures held under the auspices of the Chair.

The CCSR is a research partner in the Ecclesiological Investigations, an International Research network on Ecclesiology. www. ecclesiological.net
Dr Paul Pulikkan
Chief Editor

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2018. 2 A Renewed Church in India: New Trajectories

Pastoral Accompaniment of Marriage and Family Life: A Contribution to Church Renewal?
Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi 11-28

Empowering Youth for Evangelism - A Study Conducted Among Jesus Youth Members
Sara Neena T.T and Shipsy Augustine 29-49

Church in the Public Space in India/Kerala
Thomas E.J. 50-62

False Forms of Holiness Today in the Life of the Church: A Study on Gaudete et Exsultate
Bilju Vazhappilly 63-79

A Critique of Richard Dawkins' Views on Religion
Sebastian Chalakkal 80-94

Challenges of Religious Nationalism in India Today - A Theological
Response (ITA Statement 2018) 95-117

2018 1 Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment: Accompanying Youth Today

Young People Search for Personal Identity in a Situation of Fluidity and Uncertainty
Sebastian Puthen 9-33

Towards a Digital ''Calling'': A Pastoral Reconfiguring of Electronic Gadgets and Social Media Revolution in India
Jijo James Indiparambil 34-65

Relationship between Catechesis and Liturgy Theological, Anthropological and Pastoral Implications and Challenges
Sajan Pindiyan 66-97

Equipping family, church and society to accompany youth
George Leons 98-110

Career and Employment Struggles and Scope for a Better Future for youth in India
Roy Vadakkan 111-116

Integral Faith Development and Youth
Tony Joseph 117-121

2017. 2 Counselling Tools for a Healthy Family

Gender sensitive counselling: implications for a gender just society
Moly Kuruvilla & Irene George 7-24

Managing Compatibility Problems in Marriage & Family
Johncy CHF 25-32

Changing Concepts of Marriage and Family
Rixon Jose 34-45

Psycho – spiritual Integration
P. M. Chacko 46-53

Political consciousness of the St. Thomas Christians and freedom struggle in Travancore
from 1900- 1947
Seena Devassy 54-71

Forty years of Indian theological association: Milestones and signposts (ITA Statement 2017) 72-86

2017. 1 Pope Francis and the Church in reform

Pope Francis' Vision for Pastors and the Pastoral Ministry
Jacob Naluparayil 11-23

Pope Francis and his vision on Mission and Evangelization in function of his Apostolic Ideal: the Church of and for the Poor (2013-2014)
Dries Vanysacker 24-35

Church in Pluralist Society of India: Response to the Hindutva from the Ideals of Brahmabandhab Upadhyay (1861-1907)
Paul Pulikkan 36-56

Khristbhakta Movement: Dialogal Mission of the Church
Jerome Sylvester 57-65

125 Years of Rerum novarum- A Theological Perspective
Peter Schallenberg 66-78

Vol. 9.2 (2016) Renewed Church according to Vatican II

A Renewed Church in India according to Vatican II, Dr Errol D’Lima, 11-26

Church in solidarity with the poor and oppressed; Biblical Perspectives and Theological Challenges for a Renewed Church,
Dr Rekha Chennattu, 27-39

The Church on the path of Dialogue with religions,
Bishop Thomas Dabre 40-53

The Indian Church and its Contribution to the II Vatican Council,
Dr Paul Pulikkan, 54-76

The Role of Laity in Indian Church after 50 years of Vatican II
Dr A Pushparajan, 77-117

Vol. 9.1 (2016) The Joy of Loving: Reflections on Christian Family

Challenges to Religious Socialization in Modern Family in Kerala
Dr. E.J. Thomas SJ 11-27

Eucharist: Source and Summit of Sacrament of Marriage
Dr. Elsy Xavier CHF 28-53

Therapeutic Approach to Working with Family of Today
Dr. Stella Rose CHF 54-74

Dangers and Challenges to the Institution of Family
Dr. Sherin Maria CHF 75-89

After Attributes: Christ as Mercy
Dr. Kevin G. Grove CSC 90-106

Christian Identity in the Church of Asia Minor: Insights into Revelation of John
Dr. Beate Kowalski 107-142

Vol. 8.2 (2015) History and Culture of India: Church’s Role and Responsibility

“Minority Rights VS Minority Duties”: Christians in Independent India
Dr. Isaac Padinjarekuttu 8-30

Negotiating Identities: Reinterpreting Lusitanization and Community Consciousness of the Thomas Christians
Dr. Saumya Varghese 31-51

Migration to Malabar and its Impact on Kerala Society
Dr. George Kudilil 52-63

Ecclesiological Significance of Varthamanappusthakam: A Hermeneutical and a Theological Approach
Dr. Jose Valiamangalam 64-91

Dr. Jenee Peter 92-104

Vol. 8.1 (2015) Our Common Search for Dialogue amidst Growing Fundamentalism

Our Pilgrimage of Interreligious Dialogue
Dr. Kuncheria Pathil CMI 9-26

Hindutva Version of Religious Communalism
Dr. Vincent Kundukulam 27-52

The Fundamentalist Mystery of the two British Cabinet Missions to India in 1942 and 1946, led by Sir Richard Stafford Cripps (1889-1952).
Dr. Florence D’Souza 53-74

“Faith Beyond Faithful”- A Quizzical note on Politics of Fundamentalism
Dr. Sabu Thomas 75-87

In Solidarity with the people and the Church: Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Thangalathil at the Second Vatican Council
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 88-107

Indian Theological Association (ITA) Statement 2014 : Call for a New theology of Culture: Revisiting the Mission Praxes and Paradigms

Vol. 7.2 (2014) Christian Marriage and Family” Emerging Trends

Religious Practices and Wellbeing of Family – A Sociological Study of Domestic Church in the Digital Era.
Dr. Sara Neena T.T. & Mrs. Donna John

Counselling and Family Stability
Dr. Johncy CHF (Sheena Kolengadan) 33-49

Theology of the Body and its Implication for a Healthy Family Life
Dr. Antony Chundelikkat 50-69

Family as a Sacrament: An Encounter between the Divine and the Human
Dr. Bilju Vazhappilly 70-87

Marriages among Catholic Migrants: 88-100 Difficulties and Challenges
Dr Francis Eluvathingal

Home Mission and How it sustains a Healthy Family
Sr. Ancy CHF 101-112

Conquest of Death by the Power of Pure Love in the Revisiting of Satyavan –Savitri Legend by Sri Aurobindo
Dr. Martin K.A. 113-124

Vol. 7.1 (2014) Receiving II Vatican Council in India: Some Guidelines

Elements for Further Studies on the Reception of Vatican II in India
Dr. Gilles Routhier 9-27

Birth of Gaudium et spes and its Insights & Challenges in the Indian Context
Dr. Roy Lazar A. 29-45

Public Theology in India
Dr. Romero D’Souza SDB 46-50

A Reappraisal of the Syro-Malabar Catechism Texts as the Living Legacy of the Council
Dr. Davees C.J. 51-56

The Sects and their Challenges
Dr. Joseph Thondiparambil 57-67

Through Emptiness to Enlightenment: an Investigation of the Mysticism of Zhuangzi
Siu Ping Chan 68-91

Vol. 6.2 (2013) Religions, Dialogue and Society: Legacy of the II Vatican Council

Inter-religious Dialogue and Contemporary Challenges in India
Dr. Jacob Parappally 9-22

Cultivating and Appropriate Mental Attitude to support religious harmony
Prof. Lobsang Tengyur 23-31

Democracy and Religion: from Dialogue to Practice
Dr. Sabu Thomas 32-42

Religions for a Greener Earth
Dr. Jose Kallarackal 43-57

The two nostra aetates: Origins receptions, possibilities
Dr. Reid N. Locklin 58-73

6. Contextual Models of Dialogue of Church and Society: with specific reference to Stephen Bevan’s models of contextual theology
Rev. Peter Francis 74-85

Vol. 6.1 (2013) Human Dignity and Social Responsibility

The Christian Influence on a Humane Democracy
Dr. Peter Schallenberg 9-34

Between Personal and Public Responsibility: the future of the Social State in a Globalized world
Mr. Marco Bonacker 35-43

The new Evangelization in the Economic Scenario
Dr. Martin Schlag 44-62

The Foundations of Human Dignity: A Philosophical and Theological approach
Dr. Joseph Christie Palliyodil 63-78

Ethical appraisal of Genetical Research
Dr. Scaria Kanniyakonil 79-93

Beauty weds goodness – shared space between aesthetics and ethics
Dr. Mathew Illathuparampil 94-108

Indian Theological Association (ITA) Statement 2012 : Corruption in Public life, a theological response

Vol. 5.2 (2012) Golden Jubilee of the Second Vatican Council: The Hermeneutics of Council’s Reception

Vatican II at 50 years (1962-2012). Macro-Issues of the Debate on the Council
Dr. Massimo Faggioli 9-24

Catholic Moral Theology after Vatican Council II
Dr. Thomas Srampickal 25-39

Reception of Sacrosanctum Concilium in the Churches in India
Dr. Antony Nariculam

Beautiful Gaze: Reflections on the Aesthetic perception of Human Body and a Spiritual Vision of the Body of Christ
Dr. Davees C.J. 65-82

Indian Theological Association (ITA) Statement 2011 Violence in Today’s Society –
An Indian Theological Response 83-94

Vol. 5.1 (2012) New Evangelization in changing times

The Lineamenta on the 2012 Synod on new Evangelization and its reception in the Archdiocesan Assembly of Trichur
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 9 -28

Church’s Evangelizing Presence in Cultures An Asian Response to the Lineamenta
Dr. Tony Neelankavil 29-43

Faith’s Encounter with Science,
Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel CMI 44-68

Social Market Economy and Augustine – The need of a metaphysical Foundation
Dr. Peter Schallenberg/Marco Bonacker 69-77

Continuity and renewal in Politics: Re-reading Catholic Epistemology
Dr. K.M. Francis 78-87

Vol. 4.1 (2011) The Youth of Today, to Renew the Face of the Earth

1. A Renewed Church: Role of the Youth and their Mission
Dr. Edward Edezhath 9-25

2. Youth Builders of a Better World: Catholic Youth teachings
Sebastian Puthen 26-38

3. The Youth in India – from Problems to possibilities
Jaison Kollanur 39-43

4. Implications of Postmodern Thought for Christianity 44-57
Dr. Vincent Kundukulam 44-57

5. Imaging the Dialogue of Salvation: Methodological Resources from FABC for an Asian Theology of Religions
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 58-75

6. The Quest of Individuals for the Absolute, expressed in Mystical Literature
Dr. Martin K.A. 76-85

Vol. 4.1 (2011) The Youth of Today, to Renew the Face of the Earth

1. A Renewed Church: Role of the Youth and their Mission
Dr. Edward Edezhath 9-25

2. Youth Builders of a Better World: Catholic Youth teachings
Sebastian Puthen 26-38

3. The Youth in India – from Problems to possibilities
Jaison Kollanur 39-43

4. Implications of Postmodern Thought for Christianity 44-57
Dr. Vincent Kundukulam 44-57

5. Imaging the Dialogue of Salvation: Methodological Resources from FABC for an Asian Theology of Religions
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 58-75

6. The Quest of Individuals for the Absolute, expressed in Mystical Literature
Dr. Martin K.A. 76-85

Vol. 3.2 (2010) God-talk in 21 st Century

1. People's Theology: A Theology Transcending 9-23the borders of religions
Dr. Jacob Parappally Msfs 9-23

2. Theologizing in India and the new horizons
Dr. Teresa Joseph Fma 24-42

3. Eschatology or Utopia? Catholic Social Teaching and Democratic Socialism the Problem of a Secular Eschatology
Prof. Dr. Peter Schallenberg 43-53

4. The Media and Religions in India
Dr. Kuriakose Mundadan 54-63

5. Caring for the Environment:Revisiting the Biblical Evidence
Dr. Jose Kallarackal 64-75

6. The Quest of Individuals for the Absolute,expressed in Mystical Literature
Dr. Martin K.A. 76-85

7. Indian Theological Association (ITA) Statement 2010:Indian Secularism Threatened!
A Christian Response 86-102

8. Book Review

Vol. 3.1 (2010) God's Abiding Presence in Today's Divided World

1. Postmodern Metaphysics of Presence versus the Real Presence: Some Reflections on the Eucharistic Centre of History
Dr. Davees C.J. 8-28

2. The Church in Dialogue: Natural Law and Ecclesial Public Engagement in the twenty First Century
Dr. Gerard Mannion 29-50

3. A Critical Appraisal to Louis – Marie Chauvet's Theology of Creation
Bilju Francis Vazhappilly 51-72

4. Church in India and Inter-religious Dialogue: Conciliar and Post Conciliar Developments
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 73-94

5. "Charity in truth" is "faithfulness" A re-reading of the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate from a Jewish religious Perspective
Dr. Annie Kunnath 95-111

6. Book Review
Paul Kalluveettil CMI 112-117

Vol 2.2 (2009) Theologizing in Context

1. The Shortest definition of Religion: Interruption
Prof. Dr. Lieven Boeve (K.U. Leuven, Belgium) 9-29

2. The Significance of Context
Dr. Pushpa Joseph (University of Madras) 30-49

3. What Women theologians are saying?
Dr. Susan Roll (St Paul's University, Ottawa, Canada) 50-68

4. Evolution in Darwin and Teilhard de Chardin
Fr. Paul Maroky 69-84

5. The Presence of the Risen Lord: A Contextual Reflection
Dr. Sebastian Chalakkal (St Thomas Seminary, Kottayam) 85-112

6. Indian Theological Association: Final Statement 2009
Indian Theology of Economics in a Globalized world 113-132

7. Book review,
Dr. Paul Kalluveettil

Vol 2.1 (2009) The Second Vatican Council – Reception of the Reform

1. Vatican II: A Short History
(Prof. Dr. Mathijs Lamberigts, K.U. Leuven, Belgium) 9-51

2. The Significance of the Second Vatican Council for the Indian Church
Mar Andrews Thazhath (Archbishop of Trichur) 52-57

3. The Reception of Second Vatican Council's Social Teaching in India: Church's Conversation with Society.
Dr. Paul Pulikkan (University of Calicut) 58-82

4. Reception of Inter-religious Dialogue in India<
Dr. Vincent Kundukulam (Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye) 83-97

5. Vatican II and the New Theology of the Laity:
Prof. K.T. Sebastian. 98-119

6. The Role of the Bible and its Interpretation in Theology and Pastoral Praxis
Dr. Joseph Thondiparambil (Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye). 120-134

7. Theological Anthropology: The Contribution of Vatican II
Dr. George Karakunnel (Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye). 135-146

Vol 1.2 (2008) Christian Contributions to Kerala Culture and Society

1. Cultural Awakening in Kerala: The Christian Contributions -
George Alex 8 - 19

2. Contribution of the Christians of Malabar to Trade and Commerce during the colonial period.
Dr. K.S.Mathew 20 - 33

3. Christian Contribution in the Health Care Sector of Kerala
Ignatius Gonsalves 34 - 53

4. Christian Contribution To Education
Dr. Kurias Kumbalakuzhi 54 - 61

5. Christian Contribution to Kerala's Agriculture.
P. C. Cyriac. 62 - 68

6. Christian Contribution to Art and Architecture in India, especially Kerala
George Menachery 69 - 95

7. HIV, Indigenous Women in India and Fullness of life – a Theological Perspective.
Sanchita Kisku 96 -112

8. Book Review - Quest for the Historical Thomas Apostle of India,
Dr. Paul Pulikkan 113 - 116

Vol 1.1 (2008)

1. Inculturation Models for the Church in India: Roberto de Nobili's example and legacy today:
Prof. Dr. Paul M. Collins, (University of Chichester, UK) 7-21

2. Democratisation of Aesthetic Discourse – an Indian Approach:
Dr. K.S. Radhakrishnan (Vice Chancellor, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala) 22-27

3. Interreligious Dialogue, the Context of Doing Theology Today:
Dr. Paul Pulikkan (University of Calicut, Kerala) 28-41

4. Unitive Pluralism: an Answer to Religious Extremism:
Dr. Vincent Kundukulam (Pontifical Institute, Aluva, Kerala) 42-52

5. Inculturation and Islam: Janab Muhammad Faisy Onampilly
(Malik-ibn Deenar Islamic Complex, Trichur, Kerala) 53-56

6. Universal Religious Symbols and Customs in the Churches of Kerala with special reference to the Idea of “Clean and Unclean”:
Prof. George Menachery (Chief Editor, Christian Encyclopaedia, Trichur, Kerala) 57-72

7. Suicidal Tendency in Contemporary Society: Prof. Dr. Peter Schallenberg
(Faculty of Theology, Fulda, Germany). 73-79

8. Chair for Christian Studies and Research at the University of Calicut:
Martin T.J. Thachil (University of Calicut, Kerala) 80-86

9. Book review: Malankara Theology n Context
Dr. Mathai Kadavil 87-90

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